DMAE Skin Cream, according to Dr. Mehemet Oz, is a potent wrinkle fighter, and better than plastic surgery.

One of the things that all humans face is getting older and showing the signs of aging. A number of conditions can lead to premature aging, but by and large, a tell-tale sign of getting older is the development of wrinkles.

Many people faced with losing their luster and glow about their face race off to a plastic surgeon to help repair years of damage from sunlight, exposure, or negligence.

But on an episode of Dr Ozís Alternative Health All-Stars, the famed physician shared a piece of advice handed to him by Dr Nicholas Perricone.

Believe it or not, a simple solution to fighting skin wrinkles involves using DMAE Skin Cream (Dimethylethanolamine). Don't worry about pronouncing the long version, unless you've won a spelling competition.

Dr. Oz says that by using a simple application, one can prevent or even reverse age-induced wrinkles, or repair skin that has lost its natural protective properties.

In a little over a month a person who uses DMAE Skin Cream will see sizable results, according to Dr. Oz. Some people may even see immediate results after just a few applications.

Imagine the number of people who have suffered in silence and turned to very expensive methods to improve their skin's appearance.

You can purchase the leading and truly organic DMAE Face Cream and DMAE Under Eye Repair right HERE. When purchasing your DMAE cream be selective and read your labels well to ensure that your creams are in fact organic with no toxic ingredients. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) is well known for anti-aging properties. Our DMAE is from Tartaric Acid. The tartaric acid is from grapes. Always check your ingredient list with EWG's Skin Deep Database.